Thursday, May 15, 2014


        School. We all hate it. (Unless you are a mom in which case your relationship is love hate.) I realize it is an exaggeration to say ALL so I will rephrase that. Most of us hate it. But....the good news is...... My school ends in TEN days!!! YAY! We would end sooner, but I live in the great state of Indiana (SAME AS HAZEL GRACE OMG #fangirling) so we had to deal with SNOW. Not President Snow, but actual cold icky wet SNOW. So school got canceled for a week, and then a few days, and then half a week - well you get the point! So we had to make up. If you are a mom who is reading this because who knows why, I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of freedom from your children. Unless your kids go to my school, in which case sickness is going around (just missed two days) and you better watch out. If you are a teen, then yay for us because only two more weeks of suffering. Besides the last week of school is like camp. You have to go to bed on time, and wake up early, but you have fun! And.... since this year I'm a 6th grader (My school corp is k - 6 then 7 and 8 and finally 9 -12) we get to go on field trips, do color runs, promotion ceremony, et cetera. Any, enough about school because this post is about summer, and I'll blog about those things later ( my pinkie promises (or is it pinky promise?) whatever.

     SO, this summer is a busy one. I might not even have time to *GASP* read City of Heavenly Fire! Let's start off the schedule (I'm pretty much telling you what I am doing, because a. the rest of my family will be home so you cannot rob our house and b. you will know when and why I am not blogging. )
Actually, before we start the schedule, I want to start off with something about me. If you've read my book A little bit about me you should know that I am a HUGE Christian. If you follow me on pinterest you would know that as well. I like to call myself a Jesus freak, but most people don't understand that. CLICK HERE FOR THE AWESOME SONG IF YOU DON'T GET THE REFERENCE! 
Catchy isn't it? So, anyway I'm devoting most of my summer to Jesus. Now that you know that, here is the schedule.

  • June 1 -26 - Tennis camp (in the mornings Sun. - Thurs. only.)
  • June 6 - The Fault In Our Stars movie. (The review will probably be posted on COAYABW)
  • June 15 - 20 - Hanging Rock Christian Camp (All day.) *
  • June 30 - July 5 - Twin Lakes Camp :D (another Christian camp. All day.) You should totally come if you live in Indiana! Kids come there from Illinois too! Now that you know when I'm going we could have to same cabin or lodge! (email me or comment if you are actually going that week!) *
  • July 20 - 25 - Love week for my church. (Rock Point) (Depends on what I sign up for)
  • July 27 - August 2 - ST. LOUIS MISSION TRIP (All day obviously.) I'm so excited! Another mission trip! I went to St. Kitts earlier this year and it was GREAT! I can't wait to serve the lord and community of St. Louis during this mission trip! (Comment if you are going! I know multiple churches are going so I'm just curious)
So that's pretty much all. We are still working on everything. I also lead devotions a week at a time so days. I will choose a few days a week and try to stick to posting on them. I cannot post on Sundays. Thanks for taking forever to read this!
See you soon!,
Katniss Stone

What's going on on this blog?!

     Well, hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. School!  So I've decided that this blog will just be about me and my life. So I will be posting about EVERYTHING! That's right, I'm going full blogger.
         See you soon!
      Katniss Stone