Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Reflections and 2015 Goals

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I'd do a reflection of 2014 and welcome 2015 by setting some goals. I got most of these questions from this link.

1. What was your biggest life lesson this year and what did you learn?
You outgrow people, and that's okay. 

2. What theme kept recurring for you this year?

Growth / Progress. I feel like I grew so much not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.
3. How did you grow emotionally this year?
I determined who I wanted to be my friends and left those who didn't deserve my time. I also became a bit more extroverted and began to express my opinions  more. 
4. What do you wish you had done less of this past year?
I wish I had spent less time with people who didn't respect me and support me.
5. What was the smartest decision you made this year?
This one is tough. I think it is either leaving the people who didn't support and respect me, or going on the two mission trips I went on. 
6. What are you most grateful for this past year?
I'm most grateful for my youth pastor because he supported me and encouraged me to leave my box (comfort zone), which caused me to be able to spread my wings. 

7. How did you manage your stress levels this year?
Not well to say the least. 
8. What unfinished business do you have from this year?
I still haven't finished Adopted.
9. What held you back this past year?
Other people's opinions of me.
10. If you had to choose one word to describe 2014, what would you choose?
That concludes our reflection. Time to say, "Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!"

Now, moving on to 2015, I thought I'd come up with some goals. Notice that I'm doing goals not resolutions. Goals are more of guidelines, so if you screw up, you don't feel as bad. 
1. Exercise More: In 2014 I began exercising and it felt great. This year I'd like to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes at least three times a month. 
2. Be More Confident In My Body: Lately I've been very uncomfortable with my body, I want to be more confident in my body, because it looks like I'm stuck with it. 
3. Be More Confident In My Personality:  Last year I thought that not everyone would like my personality and I molded it for each person. In 2015 I'd like to spend less time acting, and more time being my complete self. 
4. Declutter: This year I'd like to declutter my room, closet, locker, and life. 
and finally...
5. Be More Creative:  In 2015, I'd love to finish Adopted and begin the third book (still not to telling you the title) and be more creative. I'd also like to blog at least 36 times this year. 
I think I've successfully said:

Hugs and virtual cookies,
Katniss Stone