Saturday, January 17, 2015

Get Your Act Together!

Recently I've been thinking about the phrase, "Get you act together!" Mainly on the word act. You see, I've been thinking that this phrase suggests that we act rather than be ourselves. The more I thought about it, that more I realized it was true. I thought about when I was usually told this and I came up with a top three list:
1. When I'm crying or fuming mad
2. When I'm having a panic attack
3. When I'm being emotional
You see, we are humans, and humans have emotions. However, when we as humans express these emotions we are told to get our act together. Personally, I think this means putting up a wall so no one knows any part of you. Imagine how much better of a human race we'd have if we all expressed how we were feeling all the time; imagine how much better and more peaceful the earth would be if we accepted that we all have emotions and  that is a part of life we don't need to hide.
Perhaps this was what Veronica Roth was thinking of when she wrote the faction of Candor, where everyone's honest. That's why from now on, I'm making an effort to not say, "Get your act together." Yes, there will be times when I say I need to pull myself together and go on with life so I don't end up sitting in my room crying all day, but I will make a point to tell people I feel depressed. 
I don't know if I'm just remembering something I read or if I just came up with this but:
"If you ever feel like you're broken, remember the most beautiful mosaics are made of broken glass" 

Hugs and virtual cookies,
Katniss Stone