Saturday, April 25, 2015

You're No Fun!

Recently I've been asked these questions a lot.  These question of course are:
Why are you no fun?
Do you hate fun?
Don't you have any fun?
This is kind of starting to annoy me.  First of all, I have tons of fun. The problem with these questions is that they are based on your premise or view of fun.  The dictionary defines fun as, "something that provides amusement or enjoyment."  For me, this would be staying home and reading on a rainy day, or baking and getting on Tumblr.  Maybe later today I want to play Fall Out Boy songs on my flute and piano and organize my room? (I seriously do though I'm really looking forward to it).  Why does your idea of fun, which appears to be featuring a lot of what I consider the opposite of fun, determine whether or not I'm a fun  person.  No, I do not hate fun, but yes, I do hate partying and social events and being in rooms with large amounts of people.  Do I have fun? Yes, but I do it in a way that I think is fun rather than what you think is fun.  If I went out and partied and was social I would either have a mental breakdown or hurt someone (possibly myself) and it just would not be a rather well situation.  Why am I no fun?  Well, you can figure that out yourself.  Your opinion of how fun I am does not matter because clearly we are not compatible enough to do anything fun together.  My friends and I have our ideas of fun, and you and your friends have yours.  Next time why don't we think before we call someone something that depends on our own views.  I'm going to be working on this myself.  Reflecting on my own life, I often think things from my view and not others.  An example of this would be attraction to people.  Often times, myself, and many others I'm sure, are quick to think "ewwww" or "yasssss" (because I'm a white girl and those are our only emotions help me *white girl voice* oh my gosh it's happened i'm trapped oh my gosh Becky i'm like literally dying over here like literally).  This happened the other day when I found a boy attractive that my friend did not.  My view of beauty is different than hers.  (Mine is mostly based on hair and personality in case you actually cared. Yes, hair is very important to me). This has been a delirious 1 am post by Katniss Stone.
Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone