Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Break Summary

So I go to a school where we get two days for fall break, so this post won't be very long.  Also, I've been thinking about vlogging so I won't have to write these posts out because these are probably very boring for everyone. But without further ado, let's get started!

Day One: Thursday
On Thursday I had a dentist appointment in Indy. I finally got to go up to JoAnns to get me some flannel and a nice pattern for a dress.   Also there's an Olive Garden super close to the store so that's a plus.
When you find a cute fabric but you don't know what to make.
After shopping I went to rehearsal for my school's musical.  (Did I not mention that?  I'll talk about that later...)
Olivia being super cool with her skateboard.
(also my copy of tabinof didn't come in.  it still hasn't come in.  help me.) 
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Day Two: Friday
Friday was my day out with Olivia.  At 5:30 we left for the Children's Museum's haunted house.
Now granted this is meant for six year olds so it wasn't that scary, but here are a few of my favorite quotes from the haunted house:
Oh! Are you in the skeleton clique?  Me too!
Is that knife glow in the dark?! That is so cool! Where'd you get that?
 Have you heard of twenty one pilots?  They like to scream too.  You'd like their music a lot.
You are my aesthetic; you are what I strive to be.  
I love your hair!  (to which the person told us thank you which is gr9)
After our trip to the haunted house, which was short lived because the haunted house took so little time, we decided to go to Applebee's because why not.  After Applebee's we decided to see Crimson Peak -- which is a fantastic movie that you should go see. 

So that's been my fall break!  No one really cares but you know, I looked really cute and you needed to see that so...

Hugs and Virtual Jack-o-lanterns (in july setting fire to the sky),
Katniss Stone