Friday, October 23, 2015

Top Ten Best (and worst) Halloween Candies

So with Halloween fast approaching, candy is on the mind.  So I've decided to do a top ten best and worst candies to get on Halloween! 

Top Ten Best

1. Reeses Chocolate
A lot of people don't actually like this candy, but I don't care.  This has been my long time favorite and it will probably always be. 
2. Suckers
It's not that this is my favorite candy, it's just that they last so long.  Also I'm eating one right now so I think I biased.
3. Kit-kats
If you don't like kit kats you have a problem
4. Twix
Left twix is superior. 
5. M&Ms
6. Starbursts
It's like getting two pieces of candy in one -- unless someone cheaped out and is giving individual starbursts because that's not cool
7. Caramel
I think I'm the only one who likes caramel so I usually get everyone else's caramel.
8. Twizzlers
I love the little halloween twizzlers so much you don't understand
9. Anything Gummy
Gummies are the best thing to happen to this planet
10. Anything that isn't funsized.
Honestly it could be something I hate but if it's larger than fun sized I'll pretend to love it because an angel just gave you candy. '

Top Ten Worst

1.  Fruit 
Honestly if you give out fruit on Halloween you are a disgrace to humanity.  Don't even give anything out if you're going to give out fruit. 
2. Those brown candy corn things
Those are awful.  Also, when I searched for bad halloween candy they were on the first page so if that doesn't prove my point I don't know what does.

3. Mints
Mints are not candy.  Do not pretend they are.
4. Raisins
Raisins are gross.  There is never an acceptable reason to raisin.
5. Tootsie Rolls
6. Any Candy With Nuts in it.
Candy with nuts is never acceptable.
7. Christmas Themed Candy
I understand that it is already on sale.  I understand that Christmas is the best holiday of the year, but I will let it infringe upon the second best holiday.  I'm here to be spooky not merry.
8. Pay Days
They just aren't that great of a candy.  You're nuts if you like them.  (You see my pun?  That was pretty good.) 
9. Fun sized candy
There is nothing fun about their size
10. Any candy in those bowls with the hand.  
You know what I'm talking about.  Those stupid bowls with those stupid hands that scare you every single time.  And then those stupid people are sitting by the bowl laughing their heads off because you got scared.  I hate those bowls.  I would not get candy from those bowls if it was from my St. Augustine chocolate.  (That's a lie I totally would I'm in love with their chocolate.)

Anyways, regardless of the candy, Halloween is great and no amount of bad candy can ruin that.

Oh! Quick note before I sign off -- What do you guys think of the headers?  I really like them and think they add just the right amount of sparkle to the posts.  Tell me what you think in the comments!

Hugs and Virtual Halloween Candy,
Katniss Stone