Friday, November 27, 2015

Introducing ... Olivia / Katherine

So recently I've made the decision to add my dirt fren spooky vanilla trash to this blog.  She'll keep y'all posted when I'm busy doing book stuff and start a monthly series where she posts her favorite things.
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You may recognize Olivia from some of my other blogposts, but you probably don't know that much about her.
Olivia writes books under the pen name Katherine Paisley.  She also wrote a Lucious Malfoy fanfiction on wattpad under the name drapple_jily so you should go check that out.

Olivia also runs a fan account on instagram for emo bands because she is a huge emo nerd. Hopefully you'll like Olivia and not eat her because that would not be kind. Hugs and Virtual Screaming Chicken Lights (ur welcome dirt fren),
Katniss Stone  
(Bonus nerd footage)