Saturday, November 14, 2015

NaNoWriMo Character Questionnaire

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So you guys seemed to like the Olivia one I did on this, so I decided to do a 
  1. Name: Andrew Kaltines
  2. Age:  Immortal.  Permanent mental age is at 22.
  3. Height: 5'6
  4. Eye Color: Blue/Green/Grey
  5. Hair Color: Blonde
  6. Physical Apperance: Horrible posture and general laid back aura. 
  7. Favorite Clothing Style/Outfit:  Band shirts and jeans are his casual wardrobe
  8. Where does he live?  What is it like?:  He lives in Immortal HQ in Italy. 
  9. Defining gestures/movements: Smirks a lot
  10. Things about his appearance that he would most like to change: His height
  11. Speaking Style: Quiet and laid back.  Cheerful.
  12. Pet Peeves: People in general
  13. Fondest Memory: Gaining control of his powers and growing compassionate.
  14. Hobbies/Interests:  Watching television, listening and playing music, fire powers.
  15. Special Skills/Abilities: Fire powers.  
  16. Insecurities: Past. 
  17. Quirks/Eccentricities: Very introverted at times but also very extroverted at others. 
  18. Temperament: Incredibly laid back. 
  19. Negative Traits: Not good at taking things seriously
  20. Things that upset him: people who are mean unnecessarily. 
  21. Things that embarrass him: getting told off
  22. Highly opinionated about: People who tell him his powers are useless.
  23. Things that make him happy: Olivia, using his powers
  24. Family: Parents left when he was young.
  25. Deepest, darkest secret: Killed a bunch of people in his past.
  26. Reason he kept this secret for so long: He thought it would upset Olivia (it did) 
  27. Other people's opinions of him: Many people don't like him because of his laid back demeanor and his original heartless actions, but he slowly becomes more favored as he becomes a well rounded, compassionate person. 
  28. Favorite bands/genres:  Pop punk
  29. Favorite Movie: Any Disney Movie
  30. Favorite Play: Into The Woods
  31. Favorite Book: Hamlet
  32. Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese
  33. Favorite Sports: Soccer
  34. Political Views: Immortals are better than Elders
  35. Life Motto: I have powers, therefore I am superior to you.
  36. Physical health: Great.  
  37. Description of his bedroom: No wall decorations but very messy.
  38. Pets: None and doesn't plan to.
  39. Best thing that ever happened to this character: Getting control of his powers.
  40. Worst thing that has ever happened to him: Having to kill SPOILERS!
  41. Superstitions: No shoes on table.
  42. If a song played every time he walked into the room, what song would it be? Grand Theft Autumn
Hugs and Virtual TypeWriters,
Katniss Stone