Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Tree Tips

So, as some of you may know, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  My personal Christmas tree has been up since November 10th, and our family tree has been up since the day after thanksgiving.  Since I'm pretty sure I'm a decorating pro, here's some tips to have the merriest of Christmas trees :
1. You don't have to stick with a theme
Looking at the trees on tumblr and instagram you may think that having a theme completes a tree, but I don't think so.  My tree is a compilations of ornaments I've made throughout the years and gifts from friends and family.  Nearly every ornament on my tree has a story or at least some sentimental value to me.  Having ornaments that mean something instead of just pretty red and gold baubles can make you feel more Christmassy -- and that's what really matters.
2. Lights OR Tinsel
It is my personal belief that if you're going to have a tree, you have to choose Lights OR Tinsel.  As much as I love lights and tinsel, I don't think that they should both be on one tree.  Personally, I like lights on the tree and tinsel as a decoration on walls and shelves.
3. Diy ornaments are just as cool as store bought
Listen, I don't have money; so when I see that I have to spend a lot of money to get my tree fabulous, I get upset.  However, with just a little glue, glitter, and determination you  can have a similar or even cooler result. (I'll post my favorite diys later this month).
4. Always have the best star
The star is the key part of a Christmas tree and I think that it should be the most glittery thing on the tree.  Personally, I enjoy printing out a star shaped picture of myself, adding glitter glue and christmas stickers and then setting atop the tree to make it fabulous.
Of course, I'm attaching files to printable TriSaraSquad stars just in case you want some extra fab on your tree. 

Hugs and Virtual Christmas Trees,
Katniss Stone