Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blogmas Day 1 Sample

A week later, Olivia comes into my room.  “The new fire-proof training room is eagerly awaiting your presence,” she stated.  Hopping out of bed, I join her in her confident stride to the training room.  “Okay Andy, there is literally no way you can set the whole room on fire, please just set the candle on fire.”
Concentrating as hard as I can, I touch the wick of the candle.  A spark shoots out of my fingertip and I jump back.
“It’s okay Andy just concentrate on the candle.  Don’t let your emotions get to you.”
Putting my focus back to the candle I touch the wick again and it begins to burn.  I did it.  I did it! I did magic!  Pulling me into a hug, Olivia congratulates me. 
The rest of the week goes fantastically.  No one gets set on fire, and I’m able to do more and more with my magic.  Olivia showed me how to light a stove with my magic.  Every time I make pasta or coffee, I laugh thinking about how I set the grass outside of the window above the stove alight.  Of course I still haven’t heard the end of it from Olivia.  Every single time she sees me outside she asks me if I’ll set the grass on fire.  I’m not able to control my magic enough to just set whatever I want on fire.  Candles and stoves are just about all of my capabilities. 
“Hello Andy,” Sienna says sternly as I walk into the training room for lessons with Olivia one day.
“Sienna.  Can I help you?”
“I’m just here to watch and see how you’re training’s going.”
Olivia just shrugs and sets out candles on the table.  Next to the candles is a pot of water, no stove or anything.
“Okay Andy, so you’re going to warm up by lighting the candles.  Today I want to see if you can light them by hovering your index finger over the wick instead of touching it.”
It takes a bit more work, but I’m able to light the candles pretty easily.  When I’m finished Olivia smiles and takes me over to the pot of water.  “Now I’m going to have you boil the water.  Hover your hand of the pot and concentrate on how the water will look when it’s boiling.” I try to boil the water, but it gets a bit hard when I can feel Sienna’s curious gaze on my back.
                “I-I can’t.” I whisper. 
“That’s okay Andy.  We’re done for today.  Thanks for watching Sienna!” 
Sienna leaves, closing the door behind her and I break down into tears.  It’s the first time I’ve cried since I was a little boy.  When my mother left, I vowed to never cry again. 
“Oh my – Andy are you alright?!” Olivia asks sitting down next to me.  I shake my head and she puts her arm around me.  “Andy, its okay – you don’t have to be perfect; it’ll take some time to be great.”  Rubbing circles into my back she hums a tune to a song I’ve never heard before.  It reminds me of a lullaby.  When I’m done crying, Olivia walks me back to my room.  She hesitates at the door before leaving.  “Andy if you ever need someone to talk to – about anything – please ask.  I get a little lonely being the only one here with actual emotions.”