Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogmas Day Five Sample

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” I ask Olivia as I pull her even closer to me.  The theater we went to had couches instead of seats, allowing us to cuddle. 
“Only a billion times.” She responds as she kisses my cheek.  The play is absolutely horrendous, but it doesn’t matter because I’m focusing on Olivia the entire time.  When the play ends, Olivia and I walk out to the car Sienna let us take. 
“Excuse me!”  A man taps me on my shoulder.  He looks too old to be a regular.  Great, another elder.  “I just need some help moving a bookcase.” Not following elders orders had extreme consequences.   I nod and follow him, Olivia trailing behind.  When we arrive in his apartment, he closes the door behind him before leading us into another room.  It’s large with swords and daggers lining the walls, but in one corner sits a bookshelf, out of place to say the least.  No wonder he wants it moved.  I walk over the bookshelf to help him move it.  Olivia stays leaning against a patch of wall without weapons.