Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blogmas Day Four Sample

“Andy!  Why didn’t you tell us that there were way more than just one battle between you and the elders?”  Sienna practically screamed as she paced around the training room. 
“I didn’t think it was important!”  I exclaim defensively as I unlace my hand from Olivia’s and walk towards where Sienna is standing.
“Well, it was.  The elders are out to get us.  Do you have any fighting skills?” She’s calmed down a bit, but I’m still too scared to walk closer to her.  “As a matter-o-fact I do.  I didn’t have any control over my fire powers before I came here.  I’ve killed many a mortal.”  The look on Sienna’s face is almost worth it until I see Olivia’s.  I know my past makes her uncomfortable, and I try not to talk about it too much. 
“Okay.  Andy, you’re still allowed to go see the play, but if you or Olivia’s safety is compromised in anyway there will be serious consequences.” 
Later that evening I went to Olivia’s room to pick her up.  She was dressed in a gorgeous black gown and aside from the fact she wouldn’t stop pacing, she was the most beautiful human he’d ever laid eyes on.  “Olivia, are you okay?”
“Yeah,” she said touching her hands to her head, something Andy had discovered she did when she was stressed or freaked out. 
“No, you’re not.”  I stated as I invited her to sit on the bed with me.  She sat down lacing her hand with mine and leaning her head against my shoulder.
“I’m scared.” She finally admits.
“Oh come on I’ll be right here to protect you.”
“I’m still scared.”
“I have fire powers.  You can’t beat fire, especially if you’re an elder.”

She nods and we leave for the play.