Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blogmas Day Seven: Christmas is pointless

I'm going to be honest with you: I didn't actually have anything planned out for Blogmas and now I don't know what to do. So today I'm going to talk about Christmas and ruin the holiday and then tomorrow I'll come back and it'll be really fun and festive again.
Anyways, today I'd like to talk about how Christmas is becoming a pointless holiday.  Between the sales and the need for every single person you know to have a gift, Christmas is becoming less and less of a fun family holiday.  For people who have little money, the fact that it is becoming more and more necessary to get a gift for everyone you know is hard.  Many of these people have a hard time providing a fun Christmas for their immediate family, let alone coworkers and friends.  And don't even get me started on people who can't afford Christmas.  
In my community, we have a thing called the Reindear program where you can choose a child who wouldn't normally be able to afford a Christmas and provide them with one.  Many parents  who enter their children in this program are frowned upon and many of the people who buy the children presents don't put any effort into them.  The other day I was looking through the gifts to be sure that the children had the proper amount of presents and a family had bought a little girl a coat from Walmart and blanket.  I don't understand how you can think of a child who will get hardly anything for Christmas and think 'wow why don't we spend ten dollars on her'.  Many people who do the shoe boxes for children in other countries will spend more money on their coworker whom they sit next to and don't talk to then they will a child who gets nothing but a shoebox for Christmas. 
Another problem with Christmas is the amount of shops that have sales on Christmas eve and even Christmas day!  Workers in these shops would much rather spend time with their family then serving rude customers who are upset because they didn't get the last xbox on black friday and now they can't find one on Christmas eve (also please explain to me why you're doing your shopping on Christmas eve). 
Another problem I have is Christmas parties.  There's nothing morally wrong with them, I just hate having to socialize. 
Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone