Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blogmas Day Six

So today I've decided to do This or That Christmas edition!
also, you may have noticed that this is a week late... i got a bit caught up in family things so sorry!!! Without further ado, let's begin!

1. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas day!  Christmas Eve is great and all, but nothing beats presents and the general joy that comes only on Christmas.
2. Real or fake tree?
Fake.  I've never had  the experience of picking out my own Christmas tree but it sounds like a lot of hard work.  First, you have to go get it, then you have to decorate it and keep it nice the whole season.  My fake trees stay fine from set up in November to take down in January. 
 3. Tree ornaments or tree lights?
While I love Christmas lights more than I love organizing books, Christmas ornaments are so much more sentimental.  I still have Christmas ornaments I made in preschool and the memories that most of my ornaments hold can't be replaced. 
4. Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?
Personally, Christmas caroling is a bit outdated as well as inconvenient for both parties involved.  While caroling at a nursing home (in the lovely warm hallways) is great, I'd much rather watch The Polar Express with some hot chocolate.
5. Indoor or outdoor decorations?
Indoor!  I love love love decorating for Christmas but living in Indiana, the weather isn't always kind enough to allow you to do so outside comfortably. In fact, despite the warm weather, we never actually got around to our very limited outdoor decorations this year.  Outdoor decorations are fantastically festive, but indoor decorations are much more personal and sentimental to me.
6. Cookies for Santa or celery for the reindeer?
When I was younger I'd always bake Santa shaped cookies and leave the best one out for Santa, as I got older I began leaving out celery for the reindeer.  One year I actually used food coloring to dye a celery stalk red for Rudolph. 
7. A white Christmas or a green Christmas?
White Christmas!  This year we went to Disney for the Christmas decorations and I  found out that I cannot be my festive self in warm weather.  Bring on the snow!
8. Eggnog or hot chocolate?
So last year I got to try eggnog for the first time ever, and I do not understand the hype.  Now, I'm not really one for eggs in general but I'd rather drink hot chocolate then try to drink eggnog for the rest of eternity.
9. Spending Christmas with friends or family?
While I do love my family, I just love Christmas time with friends.
10.  Giving or receiving?
During the holiday season it's encouraged to be selfish as long as you give a gift or two, but for me giving is so much more fun!  And besides, I love love love wrapping presents.
Hugs and Virtual Presents,
Katniss Stone