Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogmas Day Three Sample

“Okay Jonah.  Tonight could be the night of your mission.  You just have to do one more thing.”  The woman, whose name is Sylvia tells me.  I’m ready to do anything.  I can’t wait for my mission.  Sylvia opens up a curtain to reveal none other than Mr. Bear. 
“Okay Jonah.  Show us how you’re going to kill that immortal on Mr. Bear.” 
No. I can’t do it.  Mr. Bear is my best friend.  I can’t kill my best friend.  Tears begin to sting my eyes as I pull out the knife I’ve been given.  To kill an immortal you have to cut off their heads and feet.  I start with the feet.  I pull my arm back as far as I can and swing down slicing the bear’s foot off. Red dye begins to stain his white fur.  They put in blood capsules.  Tears stream down my face as I pull my arm back again.  I take a deep breath in, swinging as I exhale.   The other foot comes off.  I take another deep breath in as I steady the body and head of my friend.
“He’s not real Jonah!” Sylvia shouts from the corner of the room.  I slice the head off as quickly as possible before dropping my knife and curling into a ball.  What have I become?
“Very good Jonah!” Sylvia exclaims clapping her hands.   “Your final mission will be to do the exact thing you did to Mr. Bear to Andy Kaltines.  Here’s his picture to help you out.  If you do that, we’ll let you outside forever.”

I can do this.  I must do this.  I will do this.