Monday, December 14, 2015

Blogmas Day Two Sample

“Jonah?” A voice calls to me
“Mr. Bear?” I ask turning to my best friend of ten 22 years. 
“No.”  the voice laughs as brings in a plate with a cupcake.  Of course it’s one of them – I’m not quite sure what to call them, but they always wear the same clothes and they only come to bring me food or clothes.  The man lights the candle and leaves the room.   I pick up Mr. Bear and move him to sit across from me.
                Mr. Bear has been my best friend since I was eight years old.  One day, a woman decided that I’d have a better life if I moved into this apartment so Mr. Bear and I moved here.  I didn’t make any more friends because no one else was allowed in my apartment.   It’s okay though because Mr. Bear is a really good best friend even if my visitors who bring me food tell me they need to take him away because I’m too old to be friends with him or that his hair is ‘matted’. 
Mr. Bear sings me a birthday song before I blow out my candle.  I turn 30 today.  That’s six whole hands.  When I finish my cupcake a women with silver hair and a suit walks in a sits next to Mr. Bear.  “Happy birthday Jonah!” she announces, crossing her legs and resting her hands on her knees.  “I have an extra special gift for you this year.  You get to go outside!” she tells me.

I get to go outside!  I haven’t been outside since I moved in.  The woman who put me here told me it was for my own safety.  “We’re going to teach you how to keep yourself safe and then we’ll give you a mission.  If you can complete this, you’ll get to stay outside forever!”  She opened the door for me and I was so excited I almost forgot to bring Mr. Bear.