Saturday, December 12, 2015

Immortals Writing Samples!

As some of you may know, this year I participated in NaNoWriMo. (Of course, I went through a writing slump in the middle and ended nearly 40,000 words behind, but 10,000 more than I thought I could get done in two months, let alone one) Instead of bettering Selected -- which I may or may not have thrown out as a 'helpless cause' at this point -- I decided to write a new novel.  Of course, new ideas are easier to write about and what author doesn't like to come up with the background information on so many different characters!  Anyways, the book is called Immortals and I don't even know how to describe it. Because of a copyright problem I had with Selected I've decided not to post it to Wattpad until I can be sure it's 100 percent safe.  However, I didn't think it was fair to give you guys all those character information posts and then not introduce you to the writing those characters are from.  Through December, I will be doing the Twelve Days Of Blogmas  in which a new sample is released every day.  And since I don't feel like making you wait until then (and to hopefully peak your interest) I've decided to include a sample in this post as well.  

Hugs and Virtual Candy Canes,
Katniss Stone
(I'm signing off before the sample, I know it's weird but it's how I've decided to format them)
“Hello Andy!  My name’s Sienna and I run things around here.  We’re so happy to have you here; we just have a few rules that we’d like you to follow.”  The woman across from me droned on and on.  I’m still not sure how I ended up here.  One minute I was killing elders , and okay, I’ll admit, a few regulars got into the mix but there’s nothing wrong with that, they’ll disappear anyways, and the next I was here.  I felt arms around my shoulders and the room was engulfed in fire, apparently that was my magic.  If you had told little six year old Andy that he’d be in trouble for killing and setting fire to things, he’d have told you that you were silly.  I didn’t intend to be like this, it just kind of happened after a while.  Being immortal and having elders know about you is kind of like wearing a sign that says ‘please slaughter me’ and to add to that I’m magical?! Sienna continues to drone on about who knows what and I grow tired of her.  Before I realize what has happened, Sienna’s desk is on fire and a shorter girl with light brown hair runs in and with a wave of her hand, the fire is gone. 
“Olivia, would you be so kind to show Andy around the magical wing -- and maybe get those powers of his under control.”  Sienna nearly shouted.  Olivia nodded and gently guided me out of the room and into a hall. 
“Seriously dude?”  She giggled as she dragged me into a different wing of the building.  Finally, we reach a room full of the mats you’d see in a gymnasium and a wall lined with mannequins. 
“Okay so I’m going to guess you didn’t even know you were magical until today?” she asked as she took a seat in a wooden chair that sat adjacent to a computer.   I nodded.  “Well then I’m going to explain a few things about magic.  You have fire magic.  Fire magic is an elemental magic.  I have healing magic which is kind of the bridge between mind magic and element magic.  I’ll explain more as we go along.”  I understood maybe two words of what she just said. 
“Well?  What are you waiting for?  Get up!” she said as she pulled out a few candles and a few sheets of paper from a cabinet.  I walked towards the metal table she was setting them on.  “Now set them on fire.”
“Set the things I just set down on fire.”
“Concentrate.  Imagine the candles on fire.  Imagine the paper slowly burning.”
I tried as hard as I could and just as I was about to give up, all the mats burst into flames.  With a wave of her hand, the mats are left unscorched.  This whole healing thing was pretty cool why couldn’t I have that 
“Okay.  That was not the candles or the paper.”   Let’s try again.  This time, take your index finger and
                Touch the wick of the candles one by one and then touch the paper.   Rolling my eyes I start to touch the wick of the candle.  It doesn’t burn.  Anger and frustration begin to swell inside me as I take my finger off. 
“I CAN’T DO IT!” I scream setting the entire room, including Olivia on fire.  This time, Olivia isn’t so quick to put out the fire; she slowly runs her hands down her body, leaving her unharmed.  An invisible bubble forms around her as she slowly puts out the fire.  When she’s done, the mats are completely burnt.  The table soft enough to mold into something different and the mannequins are scorched.  As she solidifies the table, I notice she leaves the candles burning.
“That was a bit unnecessary now wasn’t it?” she said running her hand through her hair.  “We’re going to have to get some new equipment, but until then I’m going to have you stay in your room until that happens.  

Quick little author's note, I do realize that the 12 days of Blogmas starts tomorrow but still I'm excited and I want everyone to read my samples because I think they're good.