Friday, December 11, 2015

November favorites

Hello, my name is Olivia/Katherine. You'll probably be seeing more of me if this works out well. Before I dive into my favorites of this month, I figured you'd probably like to know what I'm into.
Favorite Music: Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, etc.
Favorite Books: John Green, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, some biographies
Favorite Shows/Movies: Walking Dead, Gravity Falls, Corpse Bride, Disney

Okay, I'll start my monthly favorites for November now. I have 7, but the number may vary from month to month. It's not in any certain order.
1. Neck Deep- One of my friends told me to listen to this band and they're super rad. Check them out here:
2. Watercolor Pencils- I'm not the best artist, but I wanted to add a cool effect to a drawing and it worked really well. You just color regularly and then use a paintbrush and it looks like watercolor.
3. Neko Atsume- This app has been my obsession lately. You basically add things to your virtual yard and watch cats, name them, and take pictures of them. The cats are super cute and I love them.

4. Mockingjay Part 2- This movie was very good and I thought it was pretty similar to the book. I cried, laughed, and felt all the feels.
5. Binge by Tyler Oakley- I'm a fan of Tyler on YouTube and this book is hilarious and meaningful. I love it. Enough said.
6. Grimes- Listen and you'll understand why it's a favorite
7. The Sorcerer's Phone- I ordered a Harry Potter case in August and the owner was really backed up on orders so I got a few weeks ago. It was worth the wait. My case is so pretty. There are many different fandom cases so you can display your fandom proudly. For updates on this business, go to her instagram which is @thesorcerersphone

Quick note from Katniss Stone:  This blog is not sponsored or paid by these companies in any way shape or form but this is Olivia's post so I'll let her keep the links and everything.

Also Olivia forgot to sign off so.... she says goodbye to y'all.