Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Reflections and 2016 Goals

So last year I did a reflections and goals post and I really enjoyed it so I decided to do another one this year. 

I kind of already did my reflections in the last post but I think we should check up on those 2015 goals...

1. Exercise more:  I can tell you for a fact that I did not stick to this goal and I'm honestly not that disappointed in my self.

2. Be more body confident:  I'm doing pretty well with this one.  (Also I think I got a lot prettier this year like I'm pretty sure this was my glo up) 

3. Be more confident in my personality:  If you read my last post (or if you know me irl) I thrive off of compliments (actually I place a lot of my self worth in the hands of others wow I'm just now realizing this) annyyyyyywayyyyys at camp this year we had a compliment circle and everyone complimented my personality and it was like really good for me and my ego but w/e and I think I've also improved my personality and stopped caring what others thought of it. 

4.  Declutter:  lololololololol yeah if anything I became more cluttered

5. Be more creative (namely finish writing Adopted, and blog at least 36 times): Well I've actually given up on the Selected trilogy because wow they're terrible I cringe so hard and I just checked and I did indeed blog over 36 times so yay! 

2015 wasn't the best year for me but I feel like it was very good for my character development and rather than focusing on the bad things I've decided to make a list of some of the good things I did in 2015:
  • won elections for student government (vp of my class yay)
  • finished more than one book series
  • went to Universal Studios
  • joined the Clique
  • went to Disney World
  • went to Florida (like 3 time my goodness)
  • learned how to play ukulele
  • got cast in a school musical
  • watched a whole series (or three) on Netflix
  • started writing a book
  • went ziplining
  • became more confident
  • went to my first comic con
  • tried (and failed) Nanowrimo
  • went on a mission trip
  • became vegetarian
  • performed on stage
Now for 2016! First I'm going to make a small list of tiny goals (you know the ones you put on there because you know they won't be too hard to cross off)  for 2016 and then I'll post my main ones

  • consume more mac n cheese
  • consume something other than mac n cheese or pasta
  • get noticed by someone I admire
  • concerts
  • get noticed by a certain someone *wink wink*
  • become a bit less awkward
  • catch up on walking dead
  • start supernatural 
  • let the fosters take over my life again
  • watch shadowhunters obsessively
  • let the 100 take over my life again
Okay now my mains

1.  Actually declutter this year: Okay but I really would like to be organized I'm just not good at it.  Hopefully this year I'll put some work into it and I'll be less of a mess.

2.  STOP PROCRASTINATING: I have let myself get by with procrastination for way too long now (wow I procrastinated my problem) but yeah its seriously become a problem with my grades and my mental health because I put off stuff and then get really anxious about putting off the stuff and then really stressed because I have to do it last minute and fail. 

3. Journal: So while looking for a certain notebook I found a little diary I had written in when I was in 6 / beginning of 7th grade and it was really nice to see the progression that I made in those few months and even compare myself to that self like that was self confidence boost x10000.  This year I'd like to do daily journal as well as occasional dream journaling because I have had these really vivid dreams lately and I would like to write a story with their plot line because they are very warm and fuzzy and they make me happy.

4. Figure out what I want to do with my hair: Okay but seriously I either want to cut it all off or grow it really long and dye it I need to figure out what I'm doing. 

5.  Continue my creativity: The fact that I was so emotionally distressed in 2015 did wonders for my character development and writing skills like who knew spending hours crying over a boy you like (I have a serious problem) would lead to such nice writing? 

6. Start a positive memory jar: So I saw this cool thing on some website where you take a memory from each day and put it in a jar and I want to put all my positive memories and put them in a jar to so I can be all happy at the end of the year

7. Start an accomplishment jar: I want a jar where I can put all my accomplishments in and look back on them.  Just little things like finishing books or watching movies or just being a good person and then I can be all warm and fuzzy when I'm feelin sad.

8.  Take care of my mental health more: I feel like in 2015 I really dropped the ball (new years pun very much intended) with my mental health so I'd like to maybe not do that this year.

That's all I can think of for now (granted it is literally four in the morning how did that happen I started working on blog stuff at two) I need to sleep so Imma go ahead and post this.

Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone