Friday, April 15, 2016

What would last year me think of this year me?

Today I was walking in the hall with Olivia when she asked me a question: What would your last year self think of your this year self? And that raised some questions.
Would I be proud of myself? Ashamed? Overjoyed? Upset? Confused? In an attempt to clean my thoughts, I've decided to compare us. (I'm sorry this is going to become another check in post I'm really conceited and love talking about myself)
In some ways I think I'd be really proud of myself. I've figured a lot of stuff out that I just couldn't seem to understand or get quite right. Sure I've figured out how to find slope and systems of equations (honestly what was my problem with those last year?) but I've also figured out a lot about myself. I'd also be super proud of the way I dress. Last year me dreamed of being the cool girl with the pixie cut who wore band tee shirts and flannels. I think I'd love who I'm becoming; for one, I'm starting to do theatre and show choir, two things I've wanted to do since I was little. I've gone to concerts, met new people, made new friends, developed relationships,  fallen in love -- all things I would have dreamed of last year. 
But on the other hand, I've stopped talking to old friends, ended relationships, let my mental health decline, and stopped writing almost entirely. It's not that I don't want to quit these things -- I love writing and I love my friends, it's that I'm finding my priorities lying in much different places.  There's nothing wrong with the fact I place talking to my friends and boyfriend higher than writing, or the fact I prefer Netflix to putting the effort into skyping old friends, it's just a difference in priorities from last year. If you had told last year's me that she would skip talking to a certain person to watch New Girl on Netflix she would probably glare at you and say you're a bad person (and I've come to terms with that.) If you had told her that she'd stop writing Selected, move on to another (much cooler) story and then stop writing nearly entirely she'd be very upset. If you told her she'd abandon her blog for weeks on end she'd probably believe you tbh we do have the same blogging habits. 
This year has had so many ups and downs already and I know there's a billion more to come. I'm really proud of myself for over coming what I have (even if I am a bit bitter -- okay very bitter -- about a few topics). 

that's all for right now, 
Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone

An Update In The Life of Katniss Stone

You may have noticed I haven't posted in over a month. I'm not even going to apologize for it because that is probably the third time I've left the blog for more than two weeks this year and it's becoming a rather awful habit. Now, I have an original post that I will post right after this one, but it's yet another month which means yet another checkin. Except I'm getting bored with the same layout and I'm sure you are too judging by the fact it's kind of the only thing I've actually posted this year. So here's whats happening in the life of Katniss Stone;
  • I went to a Panic! At the Disco concert !!! It was AMAZING! I'll probably make a post about it fairly soon, I just need to transfer the picture off of my phone. 
  • I have a boyfriend. (I honestly don't know how) 
  • I'm probably going to do another musical! 
  • Hamilton is becoming my entire life
Now for goals and stuff because that's the point of the check in

in the lil goals I've:
let the fosters ruin my life again (this season is gettin real crazy real fast)
and concerts (the panic! one that has been already mentioned)

also in news of lil goals:
I've stopped watching Shadowhunters. I might start again I don't know. I've also stopped watching the 100 because Lexa was killed off and honestly I don't know what this trend of killing off lgbt+ characters is this year, but it needs to stop right now. 

and now the big goals:
declutter: I cleaned my room in March and it was nice but it's a mess again oops but my locker is actually pretty clean so there's a start
procrastinating: hahahahahahahahaha
creativity: I've been focusing my creative outlets on things other than writing, but hey -- it's still creativity.
mental health; March was actually a really good month mental health wise and April's looking pretty swell too (watch I just jinxed myself) 

Alright I'm gonna write the creative post now (which in the end will completely turn out to be another checkin I'm sure of it) and then maybe the panic post we'll see. 

Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

jan montly favs

January Monthly Favorites
Hello! It's me again. I only have a few favorites from January so I'm sharing again.
1. The X-Files- I've been watching this show every chance I get. I'm trying to catch up and it is AMAZING. My friends probably get annoyed with how I'm constantly talking about this.
2. Sia- I've been casually listening to Sia lately and she has a new album. Check her out.
3. Comic Sans Valentines- It's that time of year again and seeing as comic sans is my favorite font, I've been waiting months for these.
Again, nothing is sponsored. Love y'all, Katherine/Olive

*Katniss Note:  Sorry this was actually done a lot sooner but I kept forgetting to post it sorry

Unoriginal, creativity lacking blogger does another 2016 check in.

Oops.  Sorry I missed a month I've been so busy! I recently started working out and let me tell you, I'm enjoying it much more than one would think I would.  It's nice to forget about everything except for the language I'm attempting to learn and the treadmill.  Also I'm trying to learn Spanish, French, and ASL.  I'm using this really cool website called Duolingo (not spon) for the Spanish and French and I'm kinda just YouTubing my way through American Sign Language.  Other than that, I've started teaching a class on Tuesday evenings to elementary school kids at my church and a lot of volunteer work in general.  Anyways, I've missed blogging and hopefully I'll get back on track sooner rather than later.  
Last check-in I talked a little bit about Shadowhunters, which I honestly haven't watched past the third episode because as far as book to television show adaptations it could be better and I'm either not surprised or not impressed by the turn the decided to take with certain things. 
Here's the little goals of the month:
I've started Supernatural (it's pretty good so far) and I have been *obsessively* watching the new season of The 100. Also now there are multiple certain someone's (gotta love hormones) 
So the big goals:
1. Declutter:  I actually did do something with this one!  My room is (was if I'm being completely honest) clean(er than it was) and I absolutely love it.  I know I'm much happier in a clean environment but it was just gathering the motivation to get that done. 
2. Stop procrastinating - The only thing I've really stopped procrastinating on is the whole room cleaning things but I guess that's still a bit of progress.... Right?
3. Journal - got a little  a lot off on this one this past month so I gotta step up.
4's been eliminated bc of completion
5. Be creative - I feel like we can just look to the title for this one.
6. Mental health - February has been a not-so-nice month for mental health because I got a big wave for like a full three weeks and other things that I'd rather not speak about right now happened so hopefully March is a lot more chill. 
(Also I doubt the memory jars are happening they were cute and pinterest-y in thought but too cheese-y and stupid irl) 

Guys I'm really tired and don't feel like making a header so just ignore that this doesn't have one.  Also I have a new census I'm sure you'll find it because I don't have the link on me. 

Hugs and Virtual Kisses,
Katniss Stone

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Check in

So this morning we had a two hour delay and after I slept my extra hour, I spent the next one self-analyzing.  In my mind -- for whatever reason -- I have already pegged this year as off to a bad start, but after this morning I realize that I'm doing pretty well for myself. 
Anyways, this year I've decided to do a little analysis each month and since I'm too impatient to wait until the end of January, I decided to do it now.
The first thing I've done is accomplish 2 of my mini-goals.  The first one is watching Shadowhunters (which is absolutely fabulous by the way; review to come soon) and the other one is getting noticed by someone I admire.  (Yesterday Christine Riccio noticed me on instagram #booksenpai) 
Now since it is so early on in the year, there's no way of telling how well my main goals are going to be in the end, but here's how they're doing right now.
1. Declutter - this one's going about as well as it did last year.  My life is still a mess, but hopefully we'll work on the mess later on.
2. STOP Procrastinating - I'm procrastinating this one, so we'll see
3. Journal - while I've found that asking myself to journal everyday is a bit much (especially with procrastination being a big issue in my life) but I try to journal at least once a week.  I've found the journaling has helped my emotional growth so far because there are less pent up emotions and I think I'll like looking back on the entries in the future. 
4. Figure out what I want to do with my hair - I've actually accomplished this one!  I was spending a lot of time last year thinking about what I wanted to do with my hair.  This year I decided to cut it all off and I have to say, I love it. (Also before anyone asks, I donated 20 of the 24 inches cut off to Wigs For Kids)
before cutting off all my hair

after cutting off all my hair 
5. Be Creative - I don't know how to define creativity but, sure, let's say I'm doing that. 
6 and 7. Start jars for memories and accomplishments - *see STOP Procrastinating 
8. Take better care  of my mental health - I think I'm doing okay with this one... This month I'm doing a beauty thing with a tumblr bud (who politely asked not to be named) where I'm not wearing makeup or anything to keep my focus off of external beauty and I think I like doing that. 

That's what I've gotten done so far, we'll see how far I get. 

Also! I have another followers census out so please remember to take that:

Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

it's that time of the year again

So recently I've come up with a new census for this year because I found last years results helpful.  It'd be fantastic if you'd take this census so I could make this blog more enjoyable for all my viewers.
Hugs and Virtual Cookies,
Katniss Stone

(if you click the button it will open in a pop up here's the link if you want to go to a different tab

Sunday, January 10, 2016

monthly favs december

Hi! It's Olivia/Katherine again with my monthly favorites. I have 7 from December.
1. Vinyl- I think vinyl records are so cool. They're becoming very popular lately. I got a few records for Christmas and I've been in love with how they sound and look.
2. Polaroid Camera- I'm obsessed with how the pictures look when they're all hanging on my wall. They all have the same hue and it's very aesthetically pleasing.
3. Cheesecake Factory macaroni and cheese- I recently went to my nearest Cheesecake Factory and had the mac and cheese and it is to die for. That's all.
4. Blurryface Live- I'm a big twenty one pilots fan and I really wanted to go see them in concert. Unfortunately I didn't get to. Blurryface Live on TV (Palladia) was amazing and like seeing them in concert.
5. Death of a Bachelor- I just have to take a moment to say how excited I am for Panic! At The Disco's new album. It's going to be released January 15.
6. Ukulele-  I recently got a ukulele for Christmas and if you're looking for a good instrument to learn, you should definitely try out a uke. It's easy and really fun.
7. KKandWhimsy-  This business on Etsy makes really cute and simplistic bracelets. I got one from a close friend and I wear it all the time.

I forgot to sign off last time so bye! Again none of these are sponsored.