Tuesday, March 1, 2016

jan montly favs

January Monthly Favorites
Hello! It's me again. I only have a few favorites from January so I'm sharing again.
1. The X-Files- I've been watching this show every chance I get. I'm trying to catch up and it is AMAZING. My friends probably get annoyed with how I'm constantly talking about this.
2. Sia- I've been casually listening to Sia lately and she has a new album. Check her out.
3. Comic Sans Valentines- It's that time of year again and seeing as comic sans is my favorite font, I've been waiting months for these.
Again, nothing is sponsored. Love y'all, Katherine/Olive

*Katniss Note:  Sorry this was actually done a lot sooner but I kept forgetting to post it sorry

Unoriginal, creativity lacking blogger does another 2016 check in.

Oops.  Sorry I missed a month I've been so busy! I recently started working out and let me tell you, I'm enjoying it much more than one would think I would.  It's nice to forget about everything except for the language I'm attempting to learn and the treadmill.  Also I'm trying to learn Spanish, French, and ASL.  I'm using this really cool website called Duolingo (not spon) for the Spanish and French and I'm kinda just YouTubing my way through American Sign Language.  Other than that, I've started teaching a class on Tuesday evenings to elementary school kids at my church and a lot of volunteer work in general.  Anyways, I've missed blogging and hopefully I'll get back on track sooner rather than later.  
Last check-in I talked a little bit about Shadowhunters, which I honestly haven't watched past the third episode because as far as book to television show adaptations it could be better and I'm either not surprised or not impressed by the turn the decided to take with certain things. 
Here's the little goals of the month:
I've started Supernatural (it's pretty good so far) and I have been *obsessively* watching the new season of The 100. Also now there are multiple certain someone's (gotta love hormones) 
So the big goals:
1. Declutter:  I actually did do something with this one!  My room is (was if I'm being completely honest) clean(er than it was) and I absolutely love it.  I know I'm much happier in a clean environment but it was just gathering the motivation to get that done. 
2. Stop procrastinating - The only thing I've really stopped procrastinating on is the whole room cleaning things but I guess that's still a bit of progress.... Right?
3. Journal - got a little  a lot off on this one this past month so I gotta step up.
4's been eliminated bc of completion
5. Be creative - I feel like we can just look to the title for this one.
6. Mental health - February has been a not-so-nice month for mental health because I got a big wave for like a full three weeks and other things that I'd rather not speak about right now happened so hopefully March is a lot more chill. 
(Also I doubt the memory jars are happening they were cute and pinterest-y in thought but too cheese-y and stupid irl) 

Guys I'm really tired and don't feel like making a header so just ignore that this doesn't have one.  Also I have a new census I'm sure you'll find it because I don't have the link on me. 

Hugs and Virtual Kisses,
Katniss Stone